洗濯後のシワ約95%カット! APOLLOCOT

Challenging the “impossible”
that everyone thought was a dream...
It has been sixteen years
since the appearance of the shape-retaining shirt.
During the years,
we have continued to make improvements
and have sold over a 100 million shape-retaining shirts.
With these solid technology and achievements,
we took on the challenge of creating a Grade 4 W&W
in pure cotton,
which was believed to be impossible
(conventional shape-retaining shirts are Grade 3.2).
In the summer of 2006,
we launched a project called the Apollo Program
and have carried on with development.
As a result,
we finally achieved the long-planned
W&W Grade 4 that is crease-free after a wash,
and the new generation no-iron shirt Apollocot
that is on a different level to the rest was born.

W&W Grade 4 dress shirts are available in Yofuku-no-Aoyama physical / online stores.

Yofuku-no-Aoyama physical

W&W Grade 4

Advantages of Apollocot 1

If it costs ¥150 to have a shirt professionally laundered

Wearing an Apollocot shirt 50 times
Could save you ¥7,500

Advantages of Apollocot 2

If it takes 10 minutes
to iron a shirt

an Apollocot shirt
50 times
Could save you
500 minutes
(8 hours and 20 minutes)


Superb pleat-retaining property:

Pleats stay crisp even after repeated washing
(Pleat Grade 4: Based on the JIS L 1060 C method)

Seams stay puckering-free:

The seams stay puckering-free even after repeated washing
(Puckering Grade 4): Based on the Apataikyo method)


Keeps its beautiful shape for hours of wear and looks its best.


Feels pleasant to wear for its soft cotton feel and absorbency.


Ironing-free means it saves on electricity and reduces CO2.

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