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The latest News Releases and What's New updates from our website, including the Investor Relations section, can be received via RSS feeds. RSS is an XML file format for publishing content and allows users to monitor updated information by registering the following addresses with an RSS reader or other compatible software.

Subscribing to an RSS feed requires an RSS reader or RSS-compatible Web browser. RSS readers include goo RSS reader for Windows and NetNewsWire Lite for Macintosh. RSS-compatible browsers include Safari 2.0.x and higher, Firefox and Internet Explorer 7. Please refer to the Web site of each product for detailed information.

The inclusion of software or browsers in the above paragraph does not imply any relationship with Promise and Promise does not recommend or endorse any specific product mentioned.

  • Services may be temporarily suspended or discontinued without prior notice for maintenance or other reasons. In addition, the addresses for RSS feeds or other provided content are also subject to change.
  • The RSS feeds we offer are available solely for personal use.
  • Please note that we do not accept inquiries regarding the usage of RSS feeds or software offered by third parties such as RSS readers.


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Great Ideas for People and the Environment

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  • Mark-resistant material with highly moisture-absorptive and  oil-repellant performance Dual Clean III
  • Non-laddering polyurethane fibers NISSHINBO MOBILON
  • Urethane Elastomer