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We create new "functionality" under the keywords "environment and energy" and "health and comfort".

Responsibilities as the "environmental and energy company"

The future of mankind depends on what measures we take now against environment and energy problems including global warming. As stated in a corporate management philosophy to be a Public Entity, the Nisshinbo group is committed to striving to be an "environmental and energy company" that not only reduces emission of all substances that adversely affect the environment, but also supplies products that contribute to energy saving and the prevention of global warming.
Nisshinbo Textiles promotes product development under the primary keyword of "environment and energy" to contribute to the society. Based on that, our aim is to manufacture products that contribute to customers under our second keywords of "health and comfort". We are doing our very best to meet our responsibilities of "passing the global environment on to the next generation in better condition".

Development concept
Development concept

Constant new product development and market introduction

In order to develop our business under the keywords "environment and energy" and "health and comfort", it is important to establish a product development system. Nisshinbo Textiles proactively develops new materials and function which can contribute both to our customers and society as a whole.
We promote product development at Fujieda Plant (spinning, weaving and non-woven fabric), Yoshinogawa Plant (textiles as a whole), and Tokushima Plant (spandex and elastomer) in close cooperation with the research laboratories of Nisshinbo Holdings. In addition, we promote speedy product development in the overseas manufacturing subsidiary by posting development staff that cooperates with domestic stuff. By enhancing a function of domestic mother plant and developing a technique and know-how at domestic and overseas manufacturing bases, we reinforce the competitiveness through the use of a global network including the co-operation with other companies.

Product Development system

R&D system

Yoshinogawa Plant

Yoshinogawa Plant promote product development of textiles as a whole under the keywords of "environment & energy", "health & comfort" and "high functionality & high efficiency" along with the development of several textile processing which is our core technology.

Yoshinogawa Plant

Tokushima Plant

Nisshinbo's spandex "Mobilon" and urethane elastomer are products with high originality that came out of the polymer study and the proprietary technology of the Tokushima Plant.

Tokushima Plant

Fujieda Plant

"The cotton non-woven fabric" which is evaluated as superlative goods in the market is developed by the technique that our original know-how is accumulated.

Fujieda Plant


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