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Product name Main format Main characteristics
APOLLOCOT Textile (clothes) The new generation no-iron shirt Apollocot that is on a different level to the rest
Åg Fresh Textile Highly antibacterial and deodorizing due to inclusion of nano-sized silver particles in the fabric
BYESECT Textile Mite-proof finish with superior durability against washing and sunlight
Clean Air Textile Compound odor eliminator combined with porous ceramic and ion exchange reaction, and oxidizing decomposition
Clearna Super Soft Knit Refreshing Super Soft-based knit materials
Climinance Textile Multifunctional material with four benefits, namely, sweat absorption and quick dry, UV reduction, pH control, and antibacterial deodorizer
Diona Spun yarn, textile Moisture absorbing and quick dry material using two-layer structured fiber of cotton for the surface and short polyester fibers for inside
Dual Clean I Textile Advanced soil-resistant finish
Dual Clean II Textile Moisture absorbent and soil-resistant finish
Dual Clean III Textile Advanced moisture absorbent and soil-resistant finish
Ecodiona Textile Moisture absorbent yet quick drying material using two-layered fibers of fresh cotton with polyester recycled from PET bottles
Ecologia Textile Material made from polyester recycled from PET bottles
Ecologia C Textile Material using recarded cotton and unused fibers
Ecosys Mirai Material planning Highly functional materials with superior "eco" and "comfort" credentials based on recycled polyester
Fresh Area Textile Antibacterial material with superior effectiveness even after repeated washing
FRESHMANNER Textile Compound odor eliminator combined with porous molecule and ion exchange reaction
Fresh Proof Textile Combining cotton's moisture absorption and permeation characteristics with water and oil repellency, and quick dry functions
JOUVENCE Textile Opaque fabric for shirts
Mendesu Cooking Sheet Box Product Cooking sheet using 100% cotton Oikos non-woven fabric
Mendesu Oshibori Product Disposable wet towel using 100% cotton Oikos non-woven fabric
Mitsumomo Dry Cotton Towel Product Nursing care wipes using 100% cotton Oikos non-woven fabric
Moiskin Textile Healthy and comfortable finish using natural constituents (chitosan, natural amino acid)
Nano-Science Material planning Product series plan to which nano technology is applied. Lineup includes many products, to include water repellent, soil-resistant and antibacterial/deodorizing finishes.
NATURESH Spun yarn, textile Composite spun yarn using cotton and natural low materials with new feeling, polish,drapy,etc
Spandex fiber, Urethane elastomer
Non Care Textile (clothes) 100% cotton non-iron finish realized with nano fiber processing technology and special sewing
Oikos Non-woven fabric Non-woven fabric of 100% non-binder cotton
Peach Fresh Textile Harmless antibacterial and deodorizing material with durability against washing
Peach Labo Textile Antibacterial material for dealing with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
PEAUSOIN Textile Silky finishing using silk fibroin
REPUSSE Spun yarn, textile Special twisted union yarn
SSP (shape stabilized clothes) Textile (clothes) Shape stability with superior wrinkle and shrink resistance resulting from liquid ammonia processing
SPANO Textile High performance non-iron fabric for shirts achieved by our original spinning and finishing technology enables 3 easy ways to look after:wash,hang it up to dry and wear it
Spark Guard Textile Antistatic electricity material
ST-TOREA Textile Sweat absorbent, quick drying material using specially constructed fibers
Sun SHELTA Textile Cotton with UV protection, primarily designed to shield the skin from the most harmful ultra violet B rays
Super Soft Spun yarn, textile New soft cotton material with enhanced wrinkle and shrink resistance resulting from liquid ammonia processing
Tear Dry Textile Sweat absorbing, quick drying material
Thermo Changer Textile Dry-touch thermal cotton with warm and soft texture by increasing moisture absorption and heat generation characteristics
TPP (shape stabilized knitting) Knit (clothes) Superior shrink- and wrinkle-resistant knit materials with shape stability and good moisture absorption while remaining soft to the touch
ULTIMATEKEEP Textile New material with both functions Anti-color shading and wrinkle resistance/Shape stability
Whity White Textile Polyester-blended fabric with function to restrain discoloration


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  • 100% cotton  shape-stabilized shirts non carea
  • Mark-resistant material with highly moisture-absorptive and  oil-repellant performance Dual Clean III
  • Non-laddering polyurethane fibers NISSHINBO MOBILON
  • Urethane Elastomer