100% Cotton Premium Non-iron Shirts - non care

Cotton shirts are comfortable to wear, but they can be a hassle to iron after all getting wrinkled up in the wash. In order to alleviate this problem, Nisshinbo utilized nanotechnology to develop "non care" premium non-iron shirts.
Although they are made of 100% cotton, they don't need to be ironed after washing, and what's more, they do not crease easily even after a full day's wear. Perfect for maintaining a smart appearance.

Good for People

The natural feel of cotton

Being made of 100% cotton, "non care" affords both a natural texture and feel.

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Beautiful finish after simply being hung up to dry after washing

The secret to being wrinkle-free after washing is our "? (angstrom)" level structural stabilization technology. Fibers are controlled at an ultramicroscopic level of one ten-billionth of a meter, an order of magnitude smaller than nano (which is one billionth). As a result, the ultimate Wash & Wear performance has been achieved.


Good for the Environment

Saves energy as no ironing is required

A typical iron draws about 700 to 1,500 watts. Someone ironing for one hour with a one-kilowatt iron would generate the equivalent of 555 grams of carbon dioxide. Although a single shirt can be ironed in a few minutes, over a period of time, that total mounts quickly. Assuming one irons five shirts a week, taking six minutes per shirt, that totals about 26 hours a year, which in terms of CO2 emissions is about 14.4 kilograms. That is equivalent to the volume of carbon dioxide absorbed by a Japanese cedar during the same period.
Non-iron shirts are more environmentally friendly as no electrical energy is needed for ironing at all, making contributions to curtailing global warming.