"It's great!" has become the new "standard". NISSHINBO MOBILON

"NISSHINBO MOBILON" spandex, which is popular for zokki-type (supportive yarn incorporating a stretchy polyurethane with tough nylon) pantyhose material, differs from ordinary spandex. Its soft touch, fit, comfort when worn, and stretchiness are highly evaluated. Its characteristic features of both comfort and functionality have led to a wide-ranging product line-up.

Good for People

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Excellent reputation for pantyhoses, being easy to wear and ladder-proof

Thermally adhesive NISSHINBO MOBILON is a revolutionary spandex that has been developed through careful study of polymers with specific melt-spinning technology. Spandex is mutually fused using a thermal treatment, to elicit new functionality.
NISSHINBO MOBILON K-L type is mainly used for pantyhoses, and offers superior ladder-proof performance. Highly regarded for its excellent thermal setting performance, offering a good balance between size and fit, which makes it easy to wear.

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Not susceptible to fraying or curling!
Unstitched inner hem

NISSHINBO MOBILON R type that is used for innerwear is still stretchable even after being heat-sealed, ensuring a comfortable fit. Smooth appearance as it is seamless.


Good for the Environment

Long-lasting pantyhoses

Ladder-proof pantyhose lasts longer and reduces waste. This is an important point!