Structural stability

100% Cotton Premium Non-iron Shirts


Good for People
  • ・The natural feel of cotton
  • ・Beautiful finish after simply being hung up to dry after washing
Good for the Environment
  • ・Saves energy as no ironing is required

Highly water-absorbent and mark-resistant finish

Nanotechnology prevents soiling

Dual Clean III

Good for People
  • ・Water absorptive yet comfortable to wear
Good for the Environment
  • ・Requires less detergent and water

Good for People
  • ・Excellent reputation for pantyhoses, being easy to wear and ladder-proof
  • ・Unstitched inner hem not susceptible to fraying or curling
Good for the Environment
  • ・Long-lasting pantyhoses

NISSINBO MOBILON products contribute to obtain customer's satisfaction in the field of apparel, medical and industrial materials.

Urethane Elastomer

Good for People
  • ・Superiority of elasticity, durability and resistance.
  • ・Extremely safe material without heavy metals, solvents and plasticizer agents.
Good for the Environment
  • ・Tokushima plant, base of production, is obtained certification of ISO9001 and 14001.