Nano-control of hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties for new stain-resistant finish. Dual Clean III

Stain-resistant finishes often depend on water repellency, but Nisshinbo has applied nanotechnology to develop a stain-resistant finish that prevents soiling from oil and suchlike while retaining the ability to absorb water. This is Dual Clean III.

Good for People

Water absorptive yet comfortable to wear

Dual Clean III avoids becoming soiled by repelling oil spots to a certain extent, while retaining moisture absorbability and being comfortable to wear.

Good for the Environment

The photo shows that when colored oleic acid (*) smudging the cotton/polyester-blended shirt fabric is soaked in water, and oleic acid is naturally released from the fabric. (Experiment performed by our company)
(*) The principle component of sebaceous secretions, causing discoloration and odor

Requires less detergent and water

Not easily soiled by greasy substances, which are easy to wash off if they occur thanks to the fabric's inherent water absorbability.
The fabric is characteristically difficult to soil with oleic acid, causing sweat stains and discoloration after repeated wear. These secretions can be efficiently removed even without the need for detergents. Not only does the fabric require less detergent, but less water need be used to rinse it as well.