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We offer new value based on our accumulated technologies.

In our long history, we always tried for innovation and quality improvement and connected the technique and quality with creation of new value.
Based on the accumulated technique, we develop production bases all over the world including China, Indonesia and India. Under the thought of "Produce at the most suitable place and sell at the most suitable place", utilizing each bases flexibly including co-operation and collaboration with other companies, we continue providing new products through global production-sales system.

Shirts business

Integrated system from fibers to final products and retail

In the field of dress shirts, indispensable item to business scene, we utilize our integrated system for dress shirts – from fiber to final product and retail, to meet the market needs precisely and offer various valuable products.


As the top manufacturer for non-iron shirts

We have played a leading role in the field of development and sales of fabrics for non-iron shirts. Nisshinbo's "APOLLOCOT" which has the top level of shape stability in the market, widens its variation from non-iron shirts to various items including handkerchief, cotton dress pants and receives a high evaluation from the market. As a top maker, we always aim at the best performance and continue ceaseless product development.

non-iron shirts

More functional and comfort uniforms for working people

As for the uniform and the white robes which are indispensable items in various acting scenes such as factory, office and medical site, the required quality and function varies in each field. To support the working people, we promote manufacturing our textile materials giving importance to “quality”, “functionality” and also “comfort” and propose to our customers.


Refined denim produced by reliable technique

Japanese jeans continue to attract attention around the world. A number of companies, namely major jeans manufacturers, so-called national brands (NB), brand-name apparel companies who focus on high-end design, and specialty store retailer of private label apparel (SPA) who use a massive network of stores for mass marketing, form the fashion scene. As for the denim which is the material for jeans, R&D and quality control influence the workmanship of the product. The reason why we get a high evaluation is that we make efforts in this point. Our denim always affects the jeans which they create.


Comfortable knit casual items created by professionals of cotton

In the knit business, we have been developing sophisticated fabric group represented by our most outstanding product "Nisshinbo Textile Super Soft Knit" which has unique textures suitable for ladies' wear. Also, we develop casual fabrics in accord with season's fashion trend and in the field of baby & children's wear, we develop from fabric to final products making much of relief and safety.
We always strive to produce products making use of good material with good quality.



Textile business

"Oikos" —clean and eco-friendly non-woven fabric

Oikos non-woven fabrics employ the spunlace manufacturing method, which uses water jets to finish fibers in a sheet format. Our non-woven fabric which cotton-based natural material gets entangled in only by power of the water is superior to safety and very hygienic. Moreover, they do not emit any harmful substances even when burned, and they decompose naturally if buried in the earth.

It is used in a wide range of fields, from household sundry goods to industrial purposes. In particular, we have been developing products in collaboration with leading Japanese manufacturers for cosmetic goods and medical hygiene goods and these products have been highly praised. Furthermore, our 100% cotton wet-wipes used in green cars of train carriages and restaurants has a good reputation thanks to their strength and gentleness in use.



"MOBILON" —spandex which plays an active part in various scenes

Mobilon is a type of spandex (polyurethane elastic fiber) developed by Nisshinbo Textile using our own proprietary technology. Mobilon is highly appraised for its soft touch when stretched, for its ability to maintain shape, and its comfort when worn. The use spreads in various categories including pantyhose, innerwear, outerwear, sportswear, and other materials.

"Thermal Adhesive MOBILON" is a revolutionary spandex derived from cutting-edge polymer science and fiber spinning technology, which has a character to be heat-sealed to each other by the heat generated when processing the fabric. It has a lot of useful functions, such as a ladder proofing for pantyhose, prevention of curl and fray of fabrics as well as shrinkage control of fabrics. With such items as ladder-proof pantyhose and seamless garments, Thermal Adhesive Mobilon is highly evaluated around the world.



Urethane "Elastomer" for several uses

Our elastomer is a thermoplastic polyurethane material developed with our own proprietary technology. Thanks to its excellent elasticity, flexibility, and durability, it is used widely in apparel, face masks, and other industrial materials. This extremely stable product adapts to the Japan's Food Sanitation Act and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) of EU and has been certified under Japan's Oeko-Tex Standard Class 1 (textile items for babies and toddlers).




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